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James Simpson, University of Leeds

Finland gained its independence from Russia in 1917, and the Finnish National Theatre is running a project to celebrate the country’s hundredth birthday next year. The work is called Toinen Koti, which translates as ‘another home’. Jussi Lehtonen, an actor with the Finnish National Theatre, leads the work, a documentary theatre project. While in Finland over the summer I travelled to Helsinki to sit in on some of the data collection with Sari Pöyhönen of Jyväskylä University, who is managing the linguistic ethnographic strand of the project, and is carrying out the interviews with Jussi.

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Toinen Koti is about home, and also about integration. The concepts of home and integration align with many emergent themes within the TLANG Project (see, for example, our working papers series) and with the TLANG-inspired Connected Communities project (Migration and Home: Welcome…

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