Front-stage, back-stage

By Jessica Bradley 

In yesterday’s update I focused on the local festival workshops, the silk painting and the film. These formed the first stage of our project. The next stage is to produce a piece of theatre – a performance – which is then taken from place to place. We’re working together on the production of this. Faceless Arts are developing the puppets, the props, and devising the piece itself. Sam and Joe, both from the University of Leeds, are helping with this process. They’ll also be accompanying us down to London for the Utopias Fair in June.

We’ll be heading off at the end of May to a residency to work on the making side of this project – the puppets, the props.

And in the meantime I’m working on the book about ‘welcome’ that will accompany our stand, and that will hopefully provide some kind of overview for what we’ve done so far in the project.

We have a preview planned on campus (more details to follow, watch this space). We’re working on the budget to try and accommodate unforeseen expenses (extra train journeys for the students, a visit to campus for one of the refugee groups). We’re adding the last edits to the press release. We’re thinking about publicity and marketing and how we navigate building work on campus for an open air ‘happening’.

So, yesterday, when I asked on Twitter whether this was the calm between the storms, I think I knew what the answer was…


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