Workshop 3: reflections

Laura, one of our undergraduate volunteers reflects on the third workshop, which took place today.

‘I decided to volunteer for the TLANG project as I am really interested in the idea of collaborating in language and the arts. In this particular workshop, we helped the participants to create silk paintings, exploring the links behind the words ‘Leeds’ and ‘Welcome’.

 My main role within the team was to communicate with the participants in order to make sure that they fully understood the activity, and offer my help if needed. I was also given the chance record and take photos of the art works produced in the session (these will also be available on the blog!). The group of people who came today had a very diverse linguistic repertoire and were really lovely to work with. 

At the end of the workshop, we played a fun game of Pictionary and took some group photos; there was a real sense of friendship and community. I am very much looking forward to coming back next week to complete the pieces of art we started today!’


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