Workshop 1: reflections

One of our community-based researchers for the project, Mastanash, reflects on the first workshop.

On Wednesday, I had a wonderful time volunteering where the “Making Silk Painting” workshop for TLANG project has taken place. 

It was a great experience in my study and research history. I am so glad that I had the opportunity of working alongside the research team and meet people who have shown their willingness to paint and talk about what is the meaning of “Welcome ” to them. I was a witness of an amazing response from participants who have created their colourful silk paintings. In my point of view, the main things which can be mentioned are:

– All research project team members arrived and were prepared on time (for instance, painting equipments were set up on the tables before respondents arrived).
– Fortunately good number of participants arrived on time and attended to the workshop. 
– A briefing about the project were presented by a member of the research team.
– Respondents were supported by the research team.

Cannot wait for attending to the next session.


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