What are we doing?

by Jessica Bradley, TLANG project

‘Welcome’ occupies an important space when considering community futures. In our superdiverse, globalised society, we see rapid movement of people. Through taking ‘welcome’ as an analytical lens, we ask ‘what utopia in the 21st century means for diverse communities?’ How do we conceptualise ‘welcome’ in the future? 

The Expression of Interest (EOI) for our project states that we are interested in how we can develop a co-produced project. Together. To do this, we have to bring together different groups of people, different organisations, different practitioners. For each person, each organisation, each practitioner the project means something slightly different. Yet, we are all working with the same overarching aim: that is, to explore what ‘welcome’ is in contemporary ‘utopia’. We state that this is an ‘interdisciplinary, collaborative project’ that will ‘combine language research methodologies with visual arts and performance’. And of course, there is a final output, or a series of outputs. We will attend the Utopias Fair at Somerset House at the end of June. For this, we will bring a short film, some images of our local festival activities, a performance, a book of ideas about ‘welcome’, and an interactive activity based on our project findings so far.



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