Coproduction and collaboration: bringing people together?

What is becoming increasingly interesting with this TLANG–Faceless Arts collaborative project is how people are drawn into a project of this kind. Of course, people were drawn into it from an early stage, given the way it was brought together. It was developed as an inter, or trans-disciplinary project that brings together artist practitioners and researchers.

The Expression of Interest was brought together very quickly, in a week – with a couple of face-to-face meetings – but mainly over email. This was in part due to the fact that I was conducting my fieldwork overseas at the time. It was an interesting process in itself, pulling it all together, working out who could be involved. Many, many emails bounced back and forth over these few days. We sent bits of text to and fro for revisions, for additions.

In the end, we brought together a team which included on the one hand, language researchers from the TLANG project, and on the other hand, artists and creative practitioners from Faceless Arts. In addition, the team has started to grow.  A researcher from the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies (LCS) offered to film the local workshops and produce a short documentary of the project. A PhD student from the School of Performance and Cultural Industries (PCI) will use the project as one of their research case studies. An aspiring researcher and former student of one of the Leeds TLANG researchers will volunteer for the project and has been providing translations of the paperwork into different languages for us. She was doing this herself, as well as through her own network. Undergraduate students from the Faculties of Arts, ESSL and PVAC are working as volunteer facilitators, gaining experience of community-facing research.


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